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Your Child's Health Matters

The Central Heights Independent School District- CHISD Nursing Team believes that each student's ability to learn at school is directly linked to that student's health and wellbeing.

As part of the CHISD educational process, we your school nurses are here to help improve and protect the health status of our students and staff. Along with our educators, we strive to identify and assist in the removal of and/or modification of health-related barriers to learning.  Early nursing intervention decreases school absenteeism and helps to increase the instructional time inside the classroom.

We feel that continual communication with student parents and/or guardians helps ensure optimum safety while at Central Heights. At CHISD we offer skilled professional care and monitoring of specific student  treatments and medical requirements.  Parents, always keep your nursing team fully aware of health concerns and changes. 

We are the health advocates for all the school children and staff providing preventive health, health assessment, and referral services.

We encourage you to check out information about our services and policies by clicking on the links at the left. Please contact your school nurse if you have any questions, concerns, and of course updates.

Your CHISD Nursing Team


Emily Penny Nurse Stefanie Jodi Mullins, Nurse
Nurse Emily Penney 
Nurse Stefanie Shoemaker

Nurse Jodi Mullins


Mailing Address:

Central Heights ISD
10317 US Hwy 259 North
Nacogdoches, Texas 75965

Attention: Nurse Team  (specify what campus)

Phone and Fax numbers:

Elementary Nurse Clinic (full time nurse available). The direct phone number is 936-552-3423, fax 936-560-2099 (attention Nurse).

Middle School/ High School Nurse Clinic (full time nurse available). The direct phone number is 936-552-3448.