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Influenza Information

Influenza Prevention & Treatment

The flu, caused by the influenza virus, infects the lungs, nose, and throat. Typical flu symptoms include fever, cough and sore throat that come on suddenly. Appropriate fluid intake, fever-reducing medication, rest and careful monitoring are recommended. 

People who think they have the flu should contact their health care provider immediately.  COVID 19 spread is still a great concern.  Your Doctor and or health clinic will need to determine if your diagnosis is Flu, COVID 19, or possibly both. 

Students who come to school with flu-like symptoms will be sent home.  If your child misses school due to flu-like symptoms, it is important to call the school and speak with your campus nurse directly. This allows your CHISD Nurse Team to investigate and to track illness data as directed by our county health department. 

Please consider getting you and your family vaccinated for influenza this year. 

Below is helpful information on influenza prevention and treatment,  CHISD Nursing Team

Websites for Influenza Information: