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IMPORTANT Message from Superintendent David Russell

Posted Date: 08/07/2023

IMPORTANT Message from Superintendent David Russell

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To:  Central Heights Parents, Staff, Students and Community members

As we prepare for a new school year, I would like to remind all drivers of the need for caution in and around our schools. I ask that everyone please slow down and take a little extra time to maneuver the drop off and pick-up lines for students.  Also, I am sure that you are aware of the new traffic light that is being installed at the intersection of Hwy 259 North and FM 698. I have spoken to TXDOT and the timeline to begin using the light is currently scheduled at some point in September. We ask for patience as this new light will more than likely present some new challenges to traffic flow.

Also, as school buses will soon be on the roads again, I urge everyone to be aware of flashing lights as students load and unload daily.  I have personally observed an increase in the disregard for flashing lights on our busy highways. Not sure if this is because of distracted driving or ignorance of the law.  Please remember that red flashing lights with an extended stop sign mean the bus is stopped and students are getting on or off. Drivers approaching the school bus from either direction must stop, even if the road is divided by a turning lane, unless a median or other physical barrier such as a wall or fence, separates the road lanes. 

We look forward to the new school year and hope to see you soon!

David Russell, Central Heights ISD Superintendent