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2019-20 Student Transfer Information








Q. Does Central Heights Independent School District accept out-of-district transfers?
A. Yes, we accept transfers depending upon space availability and entrance criteria.

Q. Is there a fee to transfer to Central Heights Independent School District?
A. Yes. A transfer fee of $800 per child is required, not to exceed $3000 for a family.

Q. How do I know if there is space available for my child?
A. Depending upon the grade level, we may not be able to approve transfers until mid-summer or later. We will begin taking
applications for the upcoming year in April.

Q. Are you saying some students might not be approved until after school starts?
A. Yes, traditionally a few students that are "in-district" return late due to varying circumstances - we may find it necessary to defer or delay acceptance to be certain capacity exists.

Q. What are the entrance requirements for a student to be eligible for transfer?
A. The transfer committee will review each student's attendance, grades, behavior, and academic performance. If all these criteria are within or above standard range, a student will be placed on a list and will be admitted on a space is available basis.

Q. What if I need to know now or before this school year ends whether my child's application for transfer is accepted?
A. We wish we could be more definite at an earlier date, but due to constraints beyond our control - we cannot provide early
notifications. We recommend that each family seek many solutions for transfer applying to several surrounding districts in order to increase the odds of transfer approval at one or more districts.

Q. If a class or grade is closed to transfers is there a possibility that it will reopen?
A. Applications remain on file for one calendar year. If seats open up in a grade level then the possibility does exist that we will accept transfers for that grade.

Q. Are there reasons a transfer may be revoked?
A. Because we are a very small district, our resources are limited. For students who are out of the district, we cannot continue to provide services for students who:
* Require extended disciplinary action
* Have excessive absences/tardies/early checkouts
* Demonstrate poor academic progress despite being afforded standard remediation
After a good faith effort to assist students who are struggling behaviorally, academically, and/or in attendance, the district reserves the right to revoke a student's transfer in order to better serve the needs of the students in the district, a responsibility assigned by the taxpayers of the district.

Q. My child can be challenging and the teachers and/or administrators at his/her school don't understand him/her. Is it your
the experience that the small school environment helps children like my child?
A. No. A child who struggles in one school struggles at Central Heights as well. A child who is not understood by staff at his/her
current school will be no more likely to be understood by staff at Central Heights I.S.D. Moving a child around from district to district generally makes the struggle worse for the child. More often than not the child who struggles with behavior will be more noticeable and encounter increased difficulty due to the school's size.

Q. How do I apply for a transfer for my child?
A. Follow the links listed above, complete the application, and mail or bring the application to the administration offices